TULSA, Oklahoma –

The Tulsa Dream Center hosted its 20th annual Friendsgiving event Saturday.

The Vaughn family said that food, music and a lot of great energy were the ingredients for an unforgettable Friendsgiving Dinner at the Tulsa Dream Center.

“Oh, today was like a fantastic day. I’m never going to forget this. I never get a date with just my son,” said Tiffany Vaughn.

Tiffany Vaughn and her son said when they came to the dream center this morning, they had no clue just how special today would be.

She’ll be working on Thanksgiving so the event was an opportunity to have a special meal with her son Sebastian.

“If anybody else I would rather have it with my mom — cuz’ I love her the most. She’s just a special lady in my life that helped me so far,” said Sebastian Vaughn.

Every person who came to the Friendsgiving also went home with a Thanksgiving grocery box.

Tiffany said she’s giving thanks to the Tulsa Dream Center

“They’ve shown my kids so many opportunities and so many things outside of our neighborhood where they normally wouldn’t have access to. They’ve just helped me a lot and my busy schedule and provided positive black male mentorship for my son,” said Vaughn.

And Sebastian said he’s thankful for his mom.

“I’m glad that God can give me a mother that really cares about me and helps me through past things that I could never give up,” said Sebastian Vaughn.

Tiffany and Sebastian said the memories will last a lifetime.

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