The Tulsa Dream Center Golf Tournament is about much more than a day of golf.

It’s about a child’s life. The tournament provides a day full of fun memories and exceptional play, but more importantly it opens doors that were once closed to a child’s future. You will help create opportunities that were not possible before to many of the children in north Tulsa. Their futures can now include reading at and above their grade level, graduating from high school, and even going to college. Because of your generous support, the Education Programs at the Tulsa Dream Center will continue un-locking every child’s potential!

Right now we have a committed group of teachers and tutors who are working hard every day at the Tulsa Dream Center with all of these children that are in our programs. We don’t see this as a challenge taken on by a few, but by the collective effort of a city rallying around it’s own in order to create change. By becoming a sponsor of the Golf Tournament, you are joining the effort to achieve our goal of a 100% pass rate with every child enrolled at The Tulsa Dream Center!

So THANK YOU, on behalf of each child, each parent, each teacher, and all of us here at the Tulsa Dream Center. We are forever grateful for your partnership, and we pray that God blesses you in everything you do. Click here to register, and have a great time at the tournament!