Adopt-a-Block aims to provide vision and structure to the body of Christ so that through relationship building and joyful service, Christ’s love revolutionizes communities one block at a time.

Adopt-a-Block is a program customized to be easily implemented in any church. The need for this type of ministry is immediate. The Tulsa area has over 1,200 churches. This translates into two churches for every square mile and one church for every 460 people in the Tulsa area. This is a lot of churches!

The body of Christ must love on the hurting, evangelize, and raise disciples in the community. God has equipped the church to be His body on earth. All Christians must do is take action.

Adopt-a-Block is more than an event; it is an active pursuit of claiming the community for Christ. The largest part of the ministry takes place on Saturday mornings when Christians gather, bringing the necessary supplies to meet the needs on the blocks, which have been literally adopted.

A few Saturday-morning hours and tools as simple as lawnmowers, rakes or paint brushes are more than enough to affect a powerful change in the community. These few weekly hours are building bridges for the Gospel to cross.

The beauty of Adopt-a-Block is that a person does not have to be a highly trained minister in order to take part. Anyone who loves God, loves people, and has a willingness to serve can play a vital role in this ministry.

Contributions start as small as a smile and include things from making conversation or playing with children all the way to helping out around the yard and house. If people in your congregation can bake cookies, play basketball, or just make someone feel special, they are more than qualified to be used in this ministry. Every Christian is qualified to show love to the hurting. The blocks are the perfect arena to discover and use the individual talents God has designed in each person.


Every other Saturday at 9a-12p